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Our Buckwheat Cookies are Deliciously Satisfying!

"As a baker, my dream was to create a truly unique cookie. I chose buckwheat for its distinct taste and wholesomeness.  By combining it with sweet almonds, tangy dried fruit, and caramelly non-refined sugars, we created a simply delicious, satisfying, wheat-free treat.  Once you taste the crunchy groats, you'll be hooked!"

Happy New Year 2018!

Did you know BUCKWHEAT is not a grain? Read more about buckwheat to find out why it's one of the healthiest foods!

Our first video story!

We love sampling our cookies, to see the reactions when people first taste them. We also love sharing our story. This is what inspired us to create a short video. Watch it and you'll understand why we are crazy about buckwheat! (a special thanks to Pasta Shop - we love sampling our cookies in your store). 


Buckwheat Biscotti Recipe

This recipe for buckwheat biscotti from the Health section in the "New York Times" immediately caught our attention.  Of the numerous recipes we read and test, the sound of this one intrigued us from the start.  The chocolate in our cookies balance well with buckwheat.  I would say cocoa is a nice complement as well.  For sure, we love the taste of buckwheat and almonds, and this recipe calls for an ample quantity of both. 

We're in Berkeley Bowl!

Yes, that's right! Now you can find our cookies on the shelves of Berkeley Bowl - at both locations! We are psyched! While meeting with the team, we learned that Berkeley Bowl is a family-owned business started by Glenn and Diane Yasuda in a nearby bowling alley in 1977.  Known for their amazing variety of produce, we also spotted lots of fun ingredients that make the stores especially unique. 

We're pretty proud to be in the stores (and cafe)!  Look for us in the fall when we will sample our cookies there.

Cultivate Festival at Golden Gate Park Saturday, June 8

We've been baking like crazy in preparation for the Cultivate Festival this Saturday, June 8 at Golden Gate Park. When were were first approached by the Cultivate group to participate, our question we had was whether our mission can fit with the image of Chipotle - Mexican fast food.  But the more we spoke with the organizers and saw the mission in mind, it was clear to us that the way to change the way America eats is by uniting the entire food community. We decided rather quickly that we wanted to be a part of it! They're gathering food artisans, local farmers, and chefs to spread the gospel of good food.

Demos in the Bay Area

Jen and I have been actively passing out our Buckwheat Cookies at demos in the Bay Area - most recently, we hit Bi-Rite on 18th and their new market on Divis and Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco, and over on the East Bay, Pasta Shop in Rockridge and Berkeley. I would say it's become one of our favorite activities, in its entirety, from baking the cookies, to passing out samples, and of course, seeing the expression on people's faces when they are surprised and delighted! That is worth a million!

We're Expanding!

It's been a fantastic month - we've launched a package with more cookies - 5 in every bag!  Thank you to Piedmont Grocery and Market Hall in Oakland, and Valencia Whole Foods in San Francisco for being the first to stock the shelves with our new package.  We've being asked by our Buckwheat Cookie lovers when stores outside of the Bay Area will be carrying Buckwheat Cookies. Our expansion has been slow and steady for our wish is to make sure every cookie is baked with care.

Buck-Wild for Buckwheat

Wall Street Journal covered a story on buckwheat and the appeal among celebrity chefs. Our local Tartine Bakery makes buckwheat sablé, not at all like our Buckwheat Cookies, but a decadent and tasty recipe for a buttery treat. I had the pleasure dining at Sean Brock's restaurant McCrady's in Charleston not too long ago, although I didn't catch the buckwheat ice cream when I was there.  He sure is talented, and definitely puts a creative spin to traditional Southern cuisine.

Rainbow Grocery is Where It All Started

Before Sunbud Bakery came to being, Kit and I took many trips to Rainbow Grocery, seeking exotic and unconventional ingredients that would inspire us.  The cooperative grocery store in the heart of the Mission is stocked with hundreds of bulk items - spices, teas, nuts, grains, oils, sugars, and dried fruits - just to name a few. You can say this is where it all started. 

Buckwheat Harvest Tart

I've been scanning dozens of recipes in preparation of my favorite holiday.  I tend to be a traditionalist where turkey is concerned - I prefer a simple roast with pan drippings used to make gravy.  What tempts me are the exquisite side dishes that pay hommage to our fields, and the delicacies we harvest from the autumn season.  I share with you this recipe posted on from Sara Forte of