Baking for the Community

It's been 6 weeks since our Buckwheat Cookies hit the shelves of a handful of grocery stores and cafes in the Bay Area. We are humbled to be placed next to the foods we admire in the stores that serve our community. Comforts Café in San Anselmo was the first to take a chance and place our cookies on their shelf.  Then came Bi-Rite Market, the not so typical neighborhood store that builds community through food (check out the amazing blog post by Kirsten).  Now, we are crossing the Bay Bridge and trekking through the streets of Oakland to spread our love for the Buckwheat Cookies.  This week, Ashby Marketplace, run by Ramiz and his father, have placed our cookies right by the register. Each week, we continue to learn from our peers, and hold dearly the belief that food brings communities together.