Buckwheat Harvest Tart

I've been scanning dozens of recipes in preparation of my favorite holiday.  I tend to be a traditionalist where turkey is concerned - I prefer a simple roast with pan drippings used to make gravy.  What tempts me are the exquisite side dishes that pay hommage to our fields, and the delicacies we harvest from the autumn season.  I share with you this recipe posted on Epicurious.com from Sara Forte of The Sprouted Kitchen.  What caught my eye was naturally the beautiful colors of this savory tart, and the blend of buckwheat and wheat flour used to make the crust.  It reminds me of how soba noodles are occasionally made.  Buckwheat is a delicate flour, and blended with wheat flour, gives it structure and a distinct texture.  There are a number of steps, what may be a great activity for a leisurely Thanksgiving weekend.  I even love the name - Buckwheat Harvest Tart