Consequences of lifetime indulgences

Frank Bruni's column this past weekend is a truthful and obvious reminder that TV food celebrities and critics eat in moderation and exercise to stay healthy.  If not, their occupational hazard of eating gastronomic richness will catch up with them.  Last week, Paula Deen announced that she has Type 2 Diabetes.  Although I can't be sure whether she was genetically susceptible, I would say that the donut-bun hamburgers and other comfy indulgences were not preventative.  26 million Americans (including children) are stricken with this chronic and lifelong disease.  I think it's time to change the paradigm, and condition the fine palates throughout that comfort food does not have to be excessive in taste or in portion.  There is comfort in subtley.  Maybe with this shift, we will feel better long after the first bite.