Fancy Food Show 2012

Jennifer and I attended the Fancy Food Show this week, one of the largest trade shows in the country that gathers specialty foods entrepreneurs and their customers in San Francisco.  Each year, I see some of the usual suspects, but I am also pleasantly surprised by the plethora of ideas and enthusiasm.  I would say with confidence that the show is a gathering of folks who live to eat rather than eat to live.  What came to my attention was the category growth in gluten free products, from baked goods to sauces; the probiotic pickles, from traditional dills to Korean kimchi; and lots of different grains, including Mediterranean and South American varietals.  Also, influences from international cuisine continue to bring foreign foods and ingredients closer to the mainstream - "Bone Suckin' Yaki sauce", "Oregon Chai tea bags", "Bacetti gelato ice cream sandwiches", and "La Tourangelle Asian Stir Fry Oils".  No matter what, taste is still the primary driver in what makes it real.

Take a look at the handful of articles on new products and trends posted on the organizer's website: