A new year, a new beginning

2012 begins the first of our blog posts to share with you the making of Sunbud Bakery.  I've learned plenty since deciding a year back to start my own food business, and have come a long way since the first idea of starting a mobile food truck that sells traditional Japanese "okonomiyaki" pancakes.  After brainstorming and contemplating several business concepts, I've come back to my passion for bakery goods, especially cookies.

I grew up in a traditional Japanese household where food was taken very seriously. Taste was foremost.  Health benefits were also important.  Indulgences were encouraged in moderation.  These are the principles that I carrry forward in the development and launch of Sunbud Bakery.

In our blog, I hope to share with you our journey of building a business from scratch, to communicate our raison d'etre, and to post articles and messages from the like-minded community.  The country is in the midst of a food revolution, and we are collectively changing the way we eat.  Our shared goal is to be healthy.

The first article is one from the New York Times from last November on the gluten-free trend in the U.S.  It's one that I still think about, less so on the subject of "gluten-free" but more on the role of large corporations changing the way America eats.  In this case, it's Chex cereal.  As a small business owner, I believe our footprint is also vital to the evolving food system.


Share your thoughts.  We want to hear them.  Enjoy!