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Our Buckwheat Cookies are Deliciously Satisfying!

"As a baker, my dream was to create a truly unique cookie. I chose buckwheat for its distinct taste and wholesomeness.  By combining it with sweet almonds, tangy dried fruit, and caramelly non-refined sugars, we created a simply delicious, satisfying, wheat-free treat.  Once you taste the crunchy groats, you'll be hooked!"

Comforts Cafe Carries Buckwheat Cookies

Comforts Cafe in San Anselmo, CA is now carrying Buckwheat Cookies in both flavors - Apricots and Chocolate/Currants.  We conducted a sampling last Thursday, amazed at the number of people who eat at the cafe during the week, and thankful for their encouragement when sharing our cookies.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Comforts for their fabulous Chine

Big Day!

Full day in the bakery yesterday.  Packed several Buckwheat Cookies in two flavors - Apricots and Chocolate/Currants.  Next week we begin our door-to-door quest to share our vision, philosophy, and of course, our deliciously satsifying cookies.  Over a year in the making - it sure feels great to get to this point.  Our Facebook page is up - check it out.  We hope you "Like" us!   

Culinary Intelligence

Peter Kaminsky, food critic and author has recently published his book on satisfying an appetite by eating foods with maximum flavor.  Read article  He focuses on ingredients that pack a lot of flavor - F.P.C., or flavor per calories, so that small portions will satisfy.

Cookies are Ready!

Here's our first product.  We've been working on perfecting them for almost a year - Buckwheat Cookies!  Buckwheat, an ingredient often associated with the delicious Japanese soba noodles I grew up eating and the French crepes from the Brittany region, is not a grain, and defintely has no link to wheat.  It is actually a fruit seed, and thus contains NO gluten.  We can't wait until you taste the

Our Status - Work and Progress

It's been almost two months since my last blog entry - I hope you don't think we've disappeared.  Jennifer and I have been busy baking cookies, designing the package, and preparing the details on how we will launch our products.  We are learning tons each day, and feel optimistic of our steady progress.  Each step allows us to reflect on our choices, to ask ourselves what this business stands for, and what is it about this product that makes it special.  With each ste

Taste Every Morsel - Mindful Eating

The most emailed article from the NY Times today is on the subject of "Mindful Eating", rooted from Buddhist practices.  Eat slowly, relish each morsel, place your utensil down between each bite, while being unplugged from the rush of everyday life seems simple enough.  But in a society where we are multi-tasking and rushing to the next chore, we don't always carve out time to be aware of what and how much we are eating.  The practice of Mindful Eating is making its mark a

Consequences of lifetime indulgences

Frank Bruni's column this past weekend is a truthful and obvious reminder that TV food celebrities and critics eat in moderation and exercise to stay healthy.  If not, their occupational hazard of eating gastronomic richness will catch up with them.  Last week, Paula Deen announced that she has Type 2 Diabetes.  Although I can't be sure whether she was genetically susceptible, I would say that the donut-bun hamburgers and other comfy indulgences were not preventative.&nbsp

Fancy Food Show 2012

Jennifer and I attended the Fancy Food Show this week, one of the largest trade shows in the country that gathers specialty foods entrepreneurs and their customers in San Francisco.  Each year, I see some of the usual suspects, but I am also pleasantly surprised by the plethora of ideas and enthusiasm.  I would say with confidence that the show is a gathering of folks who live to eat rather than eat to live.  What came to my attention was the category growth in gluten free products, from baked goods to s

Waste not, want not

Last night, I watched a program on the Food Network where 4 celebrity chefs were challenged to make a gastronomic meal by collecting edible food waste from restaurants, grocery stores and other food purveyors.  Apparently, 27 million tons of edible food is thrown away each year in the U.S.  As I watched Bobby Flay and the others astonished by the volume of edible waste they foraged, I thought about how my Japanese mother would save one small piece of uneaten eggplant for the next day rather than throw it away

A new year, a new beginning

2012 begins the first of our blog posts to share with you the making of Sunbud Bakery.  I've learned plenty since deciding a year back to start my own food business, and have come a long way since the first idea of starting a mobile food truck that sells traditional Japanese "okonomiyaki" pancakes.  After brainstorming and contemplating several business concepts, I've come back to my passion for bakery goods, especially cookies.