Rainbow Grocery is Where It All Started

Before Sunbud Bakery came to being, Kit and I took many trips to Rainbow Grocery, seeking exotic and unconventional ingredients that would inspire us.  The cooperative grocery store in the heart of the Mission is stocked with hundreds of bulk items - spices, teas, nuts, grains, oils, sugars, and dried fruits - just to name a few. You can say this is where it all started. 

Today, I am very proud to announce that Rainbow Grocery is now carrying our cookies.  Sharing a place with many other fine cookies are the Apricots and Chocolate and Currants Buckwheat Cookies.  The next time you are looking for that hard-to-find ingredient, take a trip to Rainbow, and yes, grab some cookies as well.  Look for us in the new year when we sample Buckwheat Cookies at the store.