Taste Every Morsel - Mindful Eating

The most emailed article from the NY Times today is on the subject of "Mindful Eating", rooted from Buddhist practices.  Eat slowly, relish each morsel, place your utensil down between each bite, while being unplugged from the rush of everyday life seems simple enough.  But in a society where we are multi-tasking and rushing to the next chore, we don't always carve out time to be aware of what and how much we are eating.  The practice of Mindful Eating is making its mark across the nation.  The Google campus hosts an hourlong wordless vegan lunch every month.  Ivy League labs are considering its health benefits.  Even Oprah is an advocate.

If we are truly mindful of what we eat, and truly enjoy each moment, our relationship with food will become stronger, and most likely healthier.  Mindful Eating as Food for Thought.