Waste not, want not

Last night, I watched a program on the Food Network where 4 celebrity chefs were challenged to make a gastronomic meal by collecting edible food waste from restaurants, grocery stores and other food purveyors.  Apparently, 27 million tons of edible food is thrown away each year in the U.S.  As I watched Bobby Flay and the others astonished by the volume of edible waste they foraged, I thought about how my Japanese mother would save one small piece of uneaten eggplant for the next day rather than throw it away, or my French chef demanding that nothing go to waste in his kitchen, that every scrap had its purpose.

I feel lucky of our access to food in this country.  However, the abundance too often results in waste.  We go to restaurants where portions are copious.  We ask for a to-go pack, which means the restaurant needs to purchase containers, and often, those left-overs remain in our refrigerator until we throw them away on garbage day. Or we overeat by cleaning our plate, and regret it later.

The program got me thinking that if we eat a portion that fulfills our appetite, whether a snack or a meal, we would have less waste and we would most likely feel better.

Watch the show when it is rebroadcasted next week - http://www.foodnetwork.com/food-network-specials/the-big-waste/index.html